Ready to create a money practice that shifts the way money feels FOR GOOD?

So when you think about money, you smile.

When you dream about money, it feels possible.

When you meet with your money (as in - sit down with your numbers), you feel clear, calm, & confident AF?

Then you’re invited to the

where in the course of 4 days, I’m going to help you create a consistent Feel Good Money practice that’s going to shift the way money feels for good!

For real!

How many times do you beat yourself up because you’re not staying on top of your finances?

How many times do you sit down with your numbers literally dreading the way it’s going to make you feel?

How many times do you dream of money, but that voice of self-doubt creeps in telling you “keep dreaming, babe, because those dreams will only be pipe-dreams. That kind of success isn’t meant for you.” Ouch!!

I’m here to tell you that your wildest money dreams can come true!

But it’s going to require a money practice that radically shifts the way money feels & opens you up to a whole new YOU!

Money is notoriously one of the most emotionally charged topics for many of us.

BUT worse than that, it’s also notoriously taboo.

Where most people go wrong is meeting with their money randomly OR never knowing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing when they do sit down to interact with their cash.

But what if there was a roadmap on what you need to focus on that radically shifts the way money feels for good?

And what if by creating a Feel Good Money practice - you completely opened up a whole new level of what’s possible for you?

Where money went from feeling overwhelming, confusing, stressful, scary, scarce, and even sad to feeling…

And always on it’s way!

Join me for the 4-day

where I’ll help you radically shift the way money feels for good!

Together, we’ll be exploring:

  • How to create a personal money practice that meets your biggest emotional & financial needs.
  • How to identify your unique attachment style with money and why understanding this piece is critical to feeling how you want to feel.
  • How to create a more supportive dynamic with money where money finally feels like it’s on your team.
  • The 3 key questions to ask yourself as part of your money practice that radically shifts the way money feels.
  • Why weekly money dates recommended by most money gurus don’t work and what to do instead.
  • The 5 keys to creating Feel Good Money that intentionally funds your dreams!

What makes the Feel Good Money Challenge so different?

Money dates are vague and can completely bypass the need to create a sense of safety & intimacy where that time spent can actually start to pay off!!

Plus, all the tools out there are either too methodical or too woo when what we really need is a balanced approach!

Money can 100% dance with possibility and dream energy, but it needs to be anchored in structure and radical clarity with how it can show up to be in deepest service to your life.

There’s a different way to experience money.

That’s calm, reassuring, inspiring, and downright FUN!

At the end of the Feel Good Money challenge, you’re going to go from:

Feeling sad, scared, & overwhelmed when it comes to money to feeling excited, empowered, and completely lit up!!

The biggest things no one is talking about when it comes to money are:

  • The importance of NORMALIZING it as a part of your everyday life for ULTIMATE financial wellbeing
  • The impact of your attachment style with money & how you cope with money vulnerability
  • The need to neutralize money FIRST if you’re committed to shifting the way money feels FOR GOOD
  • The intersectionality of money, trauma, and power structures that shape beliefs around success, wealth, and possibility

Over the course of 4 days, you’re going to deepen into the most holistic, intersectional approach to money you’ve ever seen!

Where you finally have the tools to interact with your money differently AND meaningfully that starts to get you a powerful ROI! And not just a return on cash, but a return on time, energy, OMG JOY, confidence, and a brand new level of dreams!

Have we met?

I'm Megan Hale

a Profit First Business Strategist who’s a whiz at numbers, sustainability, and designing businesses that make far more profitable cash, but my former life was as a psychotherapist focused on building healthy, loving, soul supportive relationships full of trust, respect, and intimacy.

In the Feel Good Money Challenge, I’m going to show you how to shift into a relationship with money that feels soul level good & goes soul level deep.

Where you feel:

  • Safe to receive & safe to dream
  • Supported to take risks & choose what money means
  • Free to pursue MORE money that calls you deeper into who you’re here to be
  • And prepares you to hold more money & the sacred responsibility it brings.

It’s time to replace those inner freakouts and feelings of being an imposter with rock solid confidence and unshakeable self-belief!

You’re here to step into MORE and feel good about money on the daily!

Because so much opens up for you when you do!

A bigger vision.

A richer relationship.

Grounded energy.

And a level of embodiment that acts like gravity pulling new OPPORTUNITIES toward you with the reality of being more RESOURCED to provide more resources.

Money helps amplify all of these things!

Are you ready to step into Feel Good Money?

Are you ready to join me for 4 POWERFUL days and shift the way money feels for good?

Join me for the

I can promise you your perspective on money will never be the same!!

Wondering how all this magic is delivered?

Upon joining, you’ll be given access to a private pop-up Facebook group where all the challenge magic will be going down. The challenge is delivered via audio lessons, video lessons, and FB lives to bring all the potent money pieces together!

You’ll receive an email daily throughout our 4 days together to keep you on track with the daily lesson as we create a personal money practice unique to you that feels soul-level good.

When we’re through, you’ll have money practice to continue implementing powerful tools to shift the way money feels for good plus the experience of being in a money-positive space where money goes from something heavy, secretive, and taboo to celebrated, honored, respected, and cherished as the powerful vehicle for change it is.

Wondering if you’re the right fit for this work?

I work exclusively with entrepreneurs who have taken an explicit stand for equity. We’ll be diving into money from an intersectional approach, which means we’ll be acknowledging systems of oppression and the power structures money can uphold. I encourage you to join if you’re here to leverage your business for building a more equitable world.

Wondering how much time this is going to take?

I know you’re busy! That’s why I’m big on keeping our lessons short & focused and giving you the bite-sized piece you need to create powerful change. If you have 15 a minutes a day, I promise you to leverage those minutes meaningfully! Get ready for a potent, money-shifting 4 days!!

Ready to join me?

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