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You've been told the healing work has to come first. Then the money will follow.

Not only is this a blatant lie, but it's keeping you from more cash now!

Let's fix that shall we?!

in 5 potent lessons, you're going to learn:

The 4 Biggest Issues with the "Money Story" Narrative

If you've ever been taught the reason you aren't stepping into more earning is because you need to heal your money story (or money blocks) first, I'm going to offer FOUR disruptive shifts so you can start stepping into more cash NOW!

The 3 Key Pillars of Money Momentum

The Feel Good Money™ Framework doesn't follow the "healing first" paradigm. Instead, it revolutionizes the skillset that's truly needed to start earning more money right away. I'm going to teach you the same 3-pronged approach I teach my clients that is foundational for stepping into more cash with the most ease and generating money momentum quickly!

The 2 Biggest Barriers Keeping You From More Cash

There are two common patterns I see preventing people from stepping into more earning and they have nothing to do with money mindset. As a former psychotherapist, I fully believe in the importance of our mindset, but this is in no way, shape, or form the end all/be all for stepping into more cash. In this lesson, I'm going to show you why mindset isn't the real issue and what is so you can start pursuing more money in a feel good way!

The #1 Shift for Unlocking Your Earning Potential

Ever feel guilty for pursuing more money, wanting more money, or even talking about money? Or maybe you question how much money you're truly allowed to want & have while still being a good person, parent, spouse, friend, or feminist. After all, can you be committed to dismantling the Patriarchal, White Supremacist. Capitalistic system in which we live while still cultivating wealth for your own personal joy? It's time to get radically clear on how your wealth fits into the future and unlocking the biggest shift that keeps most purpose-driven entrepreneurs from more cash.

Why You Need More Than Just "More Money"

Ever heard yourself say, "once I'm making more money, I'll finally feel...". You aren't alone, which is why I call this the more money myth! The truth is earning more money and/or having more money doesn't necessarily change the way money feels. If you want to feel more confident, clear, empowered, safe, supported, etc. when you're making more money (and even while you're on your way there) we need more than just "more money" and I have just the thing!

Join me in the mini-course & i'll show you the way!

about the mini-course

The Feel Good Money™ Mini-Course is a 5-part video series for equity-driven entrepreneurs to help you shift into more money in a feel good way! You get immediate access to all 5 lessons & their accompanying exercises right when you sign up.

With a gift for distilling robust topics into easy-to-implement steps, Megan brings a wealth of money wisdom and transformative tools as a Profit First®️ Business Strategist & former psychotherapist.

Get ready for a power-packed course to radically shift how money feels & shows up in both your life & business!!

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Wondering how all this magic is delivered?

Upon joining, you’ll be given immediate access to all the course lessons and their accompanying exercises with a unique link to login plus an email every other day throughout our 5 days together to keep you on track with the daily lessons as we create some powerful shifts for more feel good cash!

When we're through, you'll have a rich set of tools to think about money & earning differently with a path to step into more money NOW!!

Wondering if you’re the right fit for this work?

I work exclusively with entrepreneurs who have taken an explicit stand for equity. We’ll be diving into money from an intersectional approach, which means we’ll be acknowledging systems of oppression and the power structures money can uphold. I encourage you to join if you’re here to leverage your business for building a more equitable world.

Wondering how much time this is going to take?

I know you’re busy! That’s why I’m big on keeping our lessons short & focused and giving you the bite-sized piece you need to create powerful change. If you have 15 a minutes a day, I promise you to leverage those minutes meaningfully! Get ready for a potent, money-shifting 5 days!!

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